Design & Manufacture

All stainless steel fabrications are designed to suit end users requirements and functions.

The gauge and grade of stainless steel required for the duty of operation and the cleaning regime can be tailored to suit.

Tops manufactured from 304 or 316 grade non-metallic stainless steel of 14, 16 or 18 swg thickness.

Design Img1

Counters are designed to the exact client specification to allow for numbers of customers, speed of service, menu offers, customer flow, food production and position of kitchen and restaurant.

All designs are produced with 1:20 scale drawings and where applicable plan views and elevations. The shape of the counter may be straight, curved, dog legged, or free flow.

Counters are constructed using stainless steel, granite, marble, slate, brass, copper, and corian depending on the individual specification of the client.

Key Features:

•  Frames and under shelves are 430 grade stainless steel or 304 grade for hospitals and food factories and central production units.

•  Wall benches formed with upstand to rear and sides if required for corner use.

•  Legs inset by 100mm as standard or greater to allow for services to the rear.

•  Under shelves can be removable for ease of cleaning.

Design Img2

•  Benches designed and made to site requirements to allow for tight fitting around columns, pillars, hatches and any surface mounted services.

•  Benches made with voids to accommodate fridges, freezers, hot holding units under, bowls welded into the top for veg prep, or as fully panelled floor cupboards.

•  Canter levered or bench mounted shelves can be designed and manufactured.

•  Benches supplied on adjustable feet with optional castors.