Serveries & Carveries

•  Tops made from 304 grade, 16 swg stainless steel.

•  Undershelves, which can be removable, made from 304 grade, 18 swg stainless steel.

•  Framework made from 430 grade, 18 swg, 30mm square stainless steel tube.

•  Panelling made from double skinned 304 grade, 18 swg, stainless steel or coloured plastic coated steel.

Serveries Img1

•  All units fully welded with removable tops for access, if required.

•  Standard lengths 700, 1000, 1300, 1600 and 1900mm.

•  Standard depths 700, 750 and 800mm.

•  Range consists of:
- Bain Marie Hot Cupboards
- Ceramic Plate Topped Hot Cupboards
- Refrigerated blown air wells
- Refrigerated multi tiers
- Ambient, beverage and cashier stations

•  Gantries made from 38mm diameter stainless steel tubes are positioned to either the front or middle of the unit, housing the gantry light cowl containing either fluorescent or quartz lighting. Curved glass modules or customer facing toughened flat glass sneeze screens are mounted above.

•  Alternative gantry arms are available in brass, copper or powdered coated coloured steels.

Serveries Img2

•  Various front finishes are available to suit the internal decor.

•  Counters are designed to the exact client specification to allow for numbers of customers, speed of service, menu offer, customer flow, food production and position of kitchen and restaurant

•  The shape of the counter may be straight, curved, dog legged or free flow.

Fabrication can be to a clients individual requirements including both the grade and thickness of the material to be used.